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Charter Hall tops NABERS Sustainability Charts!

All of Charter Hall’s 62 office properties are included in the NABERS Sustainable Portfolio Index 2020, including 570 Bourke Street.


We’re dedicated to providing our building communities with high-performing and sustainable workplaces. 

The NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index 2020 has been released and for the first time all of our 62 office properties have been included in the Index – including this one!

This makes us the largest office portfolio to participate in the NABERS Index. Charter Hall’s Office CEO, Adrian Taylor is proud to lead a sector that continues to raise its commitment to sustainability.

“This year’s NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index demonstrates we’re on the right course, with all of our portfolios now included in the Index the office assets in the Long WALE REIT placing in the top three portfolios. We know sustainability is highly important to our investor and tenant customers who we actively partner with, so it will continue to be a focus area which we strive to improve year-on-year.”

To learn more about Charter Hall’s commitment to sustainability along with other industry thought leaders, you can listen to our podcast Sustainability Further available here. 

The NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index (SPI) celebrates the top 40 property portfolios achieving measurable sustainability actions in Australia.

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